octobre, 2014

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20:00 - 20:00

Halloween Party : CFTS / Wooden Shields / DJ Hobbz

De 20h à 5h du matin

Wooden Shields

In early 2012 « Wooden Shields » was born.
 Hours spent in cheap rehearsal studios led to their first 4 track demo. « Old Man » and « She’s Gone » are finely crafted examples of roots-chewing blues where melody and groove mesh together to create something raw and spirited, making a lot of noise in the process. They continued to build on their minimalist roots, developing a true raw blues sound, similar to the rough days of The Black Keys. But something was missing and the time to expand had come… Looking to hit harder and louder, the duo became a trio with the arrival of a new bassist. Sharing and mixing music influences, they created a more singular and raw rock n’ roll sound, somewhere between heavy rock (Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin) and blues (Jr Kimbrough, R.L Burnside). With a poised, soulful croon, the band sing out each of their battle songs as if it is their last fight. To witness one of their shows is to stand exhausted on a field of battle and survey the scars and bruises left by the wild energy and the fuzzy sound.

Captain Fuzz & The Snare

CFTS est un duo de rock californien ancré à Paris. Projet authentique et généreux, ce duo distille un Rock primal teinté de sonorités folk et soul. Difficile de se défaire de leurs riffs suintants qui s’entrechoquent!! … pour parfois mieux plonger le public dans des apartés psychédéliques… Portée par une batterie lourde et haletante, la voix de Captain Fuzz semble se mêler aux harmoniques de sa Strat pour nous offrir des textes qui sont autant de voyages : voyages au temps du fuzz, virées sonores sur la côte ouest des États-Unis…
 Manu (Guitar, Vocals) Ben (Drums)

DJ Calvin Hobbz


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